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Eskimo Revenge is a 2D Puzzle Game.
You must eliminate all flames in the level to proceed. To do so, you can make or melt ice blocks and let them fall or slide them towards enemies.

Controls: W A S D to walk through a level, SPACE to place/destroy Blocks and
ARROW KEYS/WASD to move in menu, ENTER to press selected button
and ESCAPE ingame to pause.

If it's valid to place ice the current selection is green, otherwise, it's red. The behavior of the ice is very important for the game. Take a closer look at the different appearance of the ice when its placed on walls, it freezes there. So sometimes it takes a little bit of brainwork how you eliminate that flame.

At the moment I'm working on the SaveGame, it's not available yet, but for now, I added a SKIP and RETRY button on the pause menu (ESC).

Eskimo Revenge is the first game I made for my university on my own with MonoGame. The gameplay is inspired by Solomons key 2, an NES game.

Updates will follow bc I know there are some issues left and I want to make more levels! I also already added a Level Editor I programmed myself, but this one needs more developing time. ( You can see it by pressing E in the menu, but if u save what you draw the game maybe crashes and a level is overwritten)

 I hope u enjoy this game anyways! 

Made withMonoGame
Tags2D, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Download the .zip directory and run the .exe


EskimoRevenge.zip 22 MB

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